A Christmas Carol, The Play 2023

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Join us for a heartwarming journey as GOLA’S CLUB presents ‘ A Christmas Carol ‘ a charming adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic. Directed by our talented teacher, Elisa Gutierrez, we’re proud to share the official footage of this winter’s captivating play. Experience the spirit of Christmas with us! Click on the following link: https://youtu.be/2LuXQqyUtic

Oliver Twist- The Club´s kids opinions

oliver twist

We have just finished reading Oliver Twist. It does seem we’re keen on Charles Dickens! So, let’s hear the Club’s kids opinions. What’s the book about? Did you like it?Why?  Why not? What’s your favourite character? And the most hated one? » We like the book because it´s very beautiful story  about a little orphan boy who had to survive in the big city […]

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