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We are an exam center for

Trinity College

At Gola, we offer our students the opportunity to continue their learning without sacrificing their focus on oral communication. We support our students until they obtain the highest level of accreditation (C2).

The exam format of Trinity College London aligns with our philosophy as it places great emphasis on communicative approach and evaluates positively. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their level of English through a topic of their interest, which will make them feel more comfortable speaking.

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In Gola, we offer two modalities for Trinity exams:


(Graded Examination in Spoken English)
  • This exam certifies your English level through a completely oral test.
  • Your proficiency will be evaluated based on your interaction with the examiner.


(Integrated Skills in English)
  • This exam certifies your level in a more comprehensive way.
  • You will demonstrate your proficiency in skills such as reading, writing, comprehension, and conversation, with 50% of the grade based on conversation ability.

All Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) exams are part of the table of certifications accredited by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE). This allows the accreditation of the English level through a Trinity certificate for purposes such as:


Monday to Friday

2 hours per week


10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Flexible schedules

If you’re thinking of obtaining the TRINITY certification, Gola is your choice! We offer flexible schedules for your convenience!

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