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Gola's Club

Gola’s Club is a space designed for teenagers with a minimum English level of A2 and who are between the ages of 12 and 16.

This literary club provides continuity for students who have completed the levels in the “Toy Library” and want to continue advancing in their English language learning in a fun way.

The literary club is not just a reading group. We aim to achieve other objectives with the students who are already part of the Gola family.

These objectives include:

  • Improving reading comprehension and other English language skills.
  • Offering a brief introduction to English language literature.
  • Introducing participants to body expression and theatrical interpretation.
  • Helping students feel more confident and fluent in using English.
  • Promoting camaraderie, mutual respect, and collaboration.
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4:30 PM to 7:30 PM


The activities carried out at Gola’s Club revolve around a book chosen in advance by the members of the group. This way, they can read their favorite books and improve their reading comprehension.

Gola’s Club will be led by a dynamic teacher who will help the members to be the real protagonists and organizers of the Club. In this space, members will also be able to work on the development and expression of their personalities through activities based on theater and role-playing games.


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