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Principles and methodology

Children are prepared to learn languages just as birds are programmed to sing or migrate, or spiders to weave their webs. 

David Marsh (from "Teaching with Foreign Languages")

It is essential for the acquisition of a second language that content and language are developed with confidence.

Striving for a balance between communication and linguistic perfection, which should be developed gradually, according to age and competence.Integration involves accepting all varieties of languages.

That’s why it’s important to accept the reality of the various varieties of English (British, American, Australian, European…).

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principios y metodologia

There is no single methodology

“GOLA The Toy Library”

is based on the dual teaching of content and language, in a progressive language learning approach. The grammatical structures should be appropriate to the context in which the learning takes place for a correct understanding. This, combined with a relaxed and natural environment, enhances motivation and content retention.

In general, the content is developed within an annual program based on the prior selection of stories that are adapted to various groups of students aged between 3 and 12 years old. The planning must be adapted to the characteristics and abilities of the students.

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