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Gola The Toy Library was born in October 2013 with the philosophy of creating a 100% English environment that would motivate children to learn the language in a natural and fun way.

In addition to our teaching method, we also adopt a new format of 6 hours per week: children not only learn English but also feel like part of Gola, as our school becomes their home.

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“As years go by, our Goliños face new stages and challenges, and GOLA grows with them.We create new spaces to stimulate their full potential, organizing   GOLA’S CLUB  where our teenagers can continue learning in a playful way.

We also decided to prepare them to be able to certify their level, opting for Trinity College. Since 2021 we are an Official Examination Center with a pass rate of 100%.We continue to grow with them so that they can reach their goals.

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